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Solar Panel Cost Benefit Analysis for Agribusiness

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Regarding the Solar plant


Powerme is a company that aligns with agribusiness to analyse the ways and means of making it possible to transform their energy costs and even rescue their bottom line.


Have you worked out how much solarising costs, or how long it takes to pay off or guessed how much time contemplating such an action would take you away from your core business?


You don’t have to.


Powerme does all of that for you and puts it in black and white, using the facts in your powerbill, knowledge of the industry and a graph or two.

If,  after a powerme report,

your understanding of the reality involved points you toward planting a solar plant you will be spoilt for choice.

 The cost of installation is dropping as the volume of photovoltaic panels on the market increases.Silicates are the commonest substance in the earths crust. NZ has several good companies importing the technology, even making some of it themselves. These days companies install and garauntee , as standard, all their panels and inverters out to 25 years.


Why be distracted by thinking about this peripheral  solar business?

Don’t be. Powerme is an independent broker of solar plant to agribusiness. It will, at no cost to you, prepare for you a, no obligation,   factual and confidential analysis of your energy demands, including graphic illustration of the solarising intersect of cost v benefit .


Powerme is independent of the industry. A Powerme analysis gives you the facts devoid of sales talk.


That pretty much covers it.


To take another step further on this please call 021-368210 for fast action or email tony@powerme.co.nz

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If you live in a sunny region of NZ and have already given some thought to making your own power but lack the wherewithal, PowerMe can find you no deposit low interest finance  to install a PV Array. Call Tony when your next power bill is in your hand.

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