PowerMe An enterprise gains huge advantage by generating its own electricityAn enterprise gains huge advantage by generating its own electricity

Solar Panel Cost Benefit Analysis for Agribusiness

Do your electric power costs  press down  on your business?

  • Gain prompt, free, no obligation, independent analysis on just how solar power $’s and Kw’s  can influence your bottom line
  • Save Time: and stay focused on your core business.Invite PowerMe to present a written assessment of your power usage – devoid of  sales pitch
  • Come  to understand exactly your own solar energy equation
  • See where and when the finance figures cross over on the page to make you smile.
  • PowerMe has no affiliation with any of the solar installers so why wait to be fully informed? and then the knowledge is yours to imagine. Your possibilities with free electricity from day one.
  • Low energy costs seriously armor plate a business’s  bottom line
  • No resource depletion . Silicates are the most abundant substance making up the earths crust.
  • If you live in a sunny region give powerme a call.

FREE independent analysis of your own electricity/cost equation before deciding  to invest in solar power  plant 

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If you live in a sunny region of NZ and have already given some thought to making your own power but lack the wherewithal, PowerMe can find you no deposit low interest finance  to install a PV Array( because the business case is well proven).. Call Tony when your next power bill is in your hand.

NIWA Sunshine Hours 1971-2000