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Solar Panel Cost Benefit Analysis

The power me era has arrived. Solar power Transforms business, home, and auto-mobility.

FREE Solar Cost Benefit Analysis

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If you live in a sunny region of NZ and have already given some thought to making your own power, PowerMe will find you finance to install a PV Array. Make your move when your next power bill is in your hand. Contact Tony.

PowerMe provides a FREE no obligation electronic site survey, cost/benefit analysis graphs, solar power plant design, cost of installation and access to finance report… without you having to cast around  for the details thus leaving you free to concentrate on your core business or interests.

Do your electric power costs  press down  on your business?



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NIWA Sunshine Hours 1971-2000

NIWA Sunshine Hours 1971-2000


  • Capital used to install photo-voltaic plant is easily repaid from savings within 2- 3 years
  • Learn your power realities
  • Imagine the possibilities with free electricity from day one
  • No deposit low interest lending policy has widespread prior approval from all banks for  agribusiness to power up this way
  • Money is no object here
  • Low energy costs armor plate a business’s  bottom line
  • Restitution of the plants capital easily within 3 years
  • Silicates are the most abundant substances making up the earths crust

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